About MMI Group

MMI Group Logo

MMI GROUP is a holding company with activities spanning across media advertising, entertainment and gaming.

MMI GROUP offers exclusive live entertainment shows and concerts, family entertainment spaces, interactive digital advertising networks and delivers the latest in multi-platform mobile games.

With the innovative and diversified platforms in media advertising, entertainment and gaming, MMI GROUP is able to achieve our mission of creating and bonding communities by creating excitement and fun in a dynamic way, consolidating and synergizing entertainment and advertising.

MMI Group Media

As a leading Media Owner, we manage and operate advanced advertising media platform. We are the largest operator of in- vehicle interactive advertising TV for public transportation in S.E Asia.

MMI Gaming

We provide thrilling and interactive mobile games that are available on both the IOS and Andriod platforms.

MMI Entertainment

As a one-stop event organizer, we arrange and offer high-value and impactful exclusive concerts and events that can draw crowds. We strive to bring live entertainment shows and deliver family friendly experiences to the next level.