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Chefs' Profile

Michelin Starred


Chef Alvin Leung

Chef Alvin’s unique brand “X-treme China” combines modern ingredients and technology, blending modernized Chinese food with modern tastes to bring lighter, more refreshing dishes. His combination of Culinary art and science fulfils each and every sense, leaving diners longing for more


Chef Douglas Tay

Chef Douglas Tay brings with him more than a decade of F&B experience in various notable establishments, winning multiple awards and accolades in the process. An enthusiastic and innovative chef, Chef Douglas is known to wow diners with extraordinary flavors by putting together the freshest ingredients in the most creative way.


Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Hailing from Belgium, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant has built his career in various continents of Europe, America, Australia before finally settling in Asia. Having been exposed and trained in various cuisine, Chef Emmanuel’s creation reflects his ability to integrate varying flavors, ingredients and technics to deliver diners the most enticing dishes.


Chef Florian Favario

Chef Florian Favario’s food philosophies can be described as modern and imaginative. Inspired by his travels in the United States, Australia, Japan among others, his culinary and technical knowledge shows in the execution of his dishes where he combines French creativity and dedication with global ingredient and flavours.


Chef Nicolas Isnard

Chef Nicolas Isnard started his culinary journey at a tender age of 22 years old and through the years has built an illustrious career in the F&B world. This highly decorated creativity, often marrying tradition and innovation to create the most delectable dishes for diners.


Chef Reto Lampart

Chef Reto Lampart was only 28 years old when he obtained his first Michelin star. Having been trained as both a chef and a pastry chef, he has successfully integrated his culinary skills to master the delicate art of balancing both resulting in the perfect gastronomic flavors for diners.

Pastry Chefs


Chef Andres Ko

Chef Andres Fatso - A nurse by trade. Chef Andres started baking as a way to destress. Over time, her creations slowly garnered international following through her development of interesting flavors presented in adorable and highly sought-after character themed creations


Chef Min Chai

Chef Min Chai is the creator of N2, a dessert store based in Sydney most known for its creative use of liquid nitrogen. His expansive knowledge of desserts coupled with his passion in creating new culinary products have resulted in unique concoctions that pushes the gastronomic boundaries


Chef Samuel Yeo

Chef Samuel Yeo - With over 20 years of culinary experience in various fine dining establishments and hotels, Chef Samuel’s approach to desserts is one which implements classical training with modern twists and infusing European dessert concepts with unexpected ingredients from all over the world.